About A Hammond and Sons

A Hammond and Sons is a family business that was founded by Albert Hammond shortly after the First World War - he was
later joined in business by his sons who all trained in their various trades. The company has continued to grow and develop
through the years and is now in its third generation of family management.

Sturminster Market Place - ancient & modernSturminster Market Place - ancient & modernSturminster Market Place - ancient & modern

We are a medium sized Building Contractor with a short chain of command; the directors and senior management team are always available to discuss forthcoming projects, or any other matters. Our management philosophy is always to work with our Clients and this is reflected in a large proportion of repeat business clients.

We undertake building projects for private and public sector clients, private and state schools, hospital trusts, private health centre developers, district and county councils, commercial businesses, housing developments and small works. Providing a successful building project is largely reliant on a professional and experienced management team to plan and co-ordinate the many elements that are fundamental to any scheme and to understand their interaction and technical requirements.

The ethos we strive to maintain is that a successful project is one that is completed within time and budget to a high standard in a safe manner.